"The genius behind the Spin Touch® is its Patented Centrifugal Fluidics Reagent Disk—designed to analyze multiple parameters simultaneously!"

Water Disks

Ideal for testing drinking water from Point-of-Use Sources

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Drinking Water WaterLink® Spin Disk Series DW12

Code 4336-H (50 pack)

Tests 9 of the most important factors in just 60 seconds!

Free Chlorine

Total Chlorine

Combined Chlorine


Total Hardness

Total Alkalinity

Total Iron

Ferric Iron

Ferrous Iron

0-15 ppm

0-15 ppm

0-15 ppm

6.4-10.0 pH

0-70 gpg

0-250 ppm

0-6 ppm

0-6 ppm Fe3+ ppm

0-6 ppm Fe2+ ppm

Disk Patent No. 8,734,734
FCl Patent No. 8,987,000
TCl Patent No. 8,993,337

FCl EU Patent No. EP2784503 A1



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